Hazarat Abu Aness Sufi Mohammad Barkat Ali Ludhianvi

    This is the Salaatunnabi (Durood) recited by Hadrat Sayyidinaa UWAIS QARNEE (RA),







Namaz Parha Karo Is Sey PeLeY Ap ki NaMaZ ParHi JiE





      Hazrat Abu Anees Sufi Muhammad Barkat Ali Ludhianvi

Allaahumma Salli 'alaa Sayyidinaa Muhammadiun Wa Aalihee Wa'itratihee be 'Adadi Kulli Ma' loomillaka Astaghfirullaa Halladhi La ilaahaa illaa huwal Hayyul Qayyoomu Wa Atoobu ilaih. Yaa Hayyu Yaa Qayyoom


Dear Allah, bestow Your Choicest Blessings upon our Master Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) and upon his extended family and his progeny according to the number of all things known to You. I seek the forgiveness of the One but for whom there is no God, The Truly and Perfectly Alive and The Self Sustained and I turn to Him with repentance. O The Truly and Perfectly Alive O The Self Sustained.  


This is the Salaatunnabi (Durood) recited by Hadrat Sayyidinaa UWAIS QARNEE (RA),and the inherited Durood Shareef of the Honorable chain of Qadariyyah; Mujaddidiyyah; Ghafooriyyah; Raheemiyyah; Kareemiyyah and Ameeriyyah. It is highly recommended that those who seek the love and closeness to the Beloved of Allah, Hadrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) make it mandatory upon themselves to recite this Durood Shareef according to their capacity and the time they have available. For instance at least 11 times after each Salat. It should be recited more frequently after Isha, Tahajjud and Fajr. 100, 300, 500 times or even more. Remember though, once the frequency is fixed, be steadfast upon it!     






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